Join or Renew Your Membership

Become a member of the VRI and become part of a community, a sporting club or simply enjoy the many services and benefits on offer!

Got a question about VRI Membership or payment methods?

Below are the most common questions answered!

Membership entitles you to all rights and privileges of the Association. These include access to all services and benefits VRI offers, sporting clubs (relevant to individual club rules), VRI and reciprocal accommodation, member benefits and VRI events. The membership holder has full AGM voting rights and is able to hold a position on the Board or a Committee.

A membership will be in the name of the holder however all benefits (excluding voting rights) can be enjoyed by immediate family deemed as  your spouse or defacto (of more than 12 months) and dependant children up to the age of 18.

We provide many methods of payment including upfront (credit), direct debit or payroll deductions for authorised employers. See details above for relevant forms and information.

We have many employers already supporting member payroll deductions, however depending on your workplace this may be difficult for your employer to manage. In this case you may either contact us directly and we will get in touch with your employer or you may prefer to simply choose our direct debit option.

Although the VRI commenced servicing employees and families of the railways, membership is now open to all members of the transport industry and community.

Memberships are renewed annually and will be due no later than June 30 in each financial year.