Doxa Clocks at Flinders

Doxa Community Club who own and run Clocks at Flinders & The Meeting Place Elizabeth Street have offered VRI members the following benefits;

•      20% off all Food & Beverage at the Cafe, Diner and Bars at both Clocks at Flinders & The Meeting Place Elizabeth Street.

•       Special Price Coffee@ Greenlight Cafe(Clocks) Small $2.50

•       20% off at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

•       Earn redeemable points when purchasing Food & Beverage as well as playing Gaming

•       Special F&B Deals

In order to claim benefits VRI members must be over 18 and provide Doxa with the following information;


•      Full Name

•      Date of Birth

•      Email Address

•      Mobile Number

•      Full Residential Address

To register send us an email with the completed details above or simply visit a Doxa venue and mention the VRI when completing an application form.


In March 2018, Clocks was completely rejuvenated and it now has the look of a 1920’s train station with its globe lights, dark leather couches and booth seating.


Here is a link to the current menu:

About Doxa Youth Foundation

Doxa is the Greek word meaning greatness. Doxa recognises that each individual is important and that the community has a responsibility to ensure that every young person is given an opportunity to develop to their full potential.

Doxa was established in 1972 by Father Joe Giacobbe, a young priest who worked with some of Melbourne’s most disadvantaged communities.

During this time he realised that many young people that he worked with might never have a holiday or visit other parts of the country during their childhood. So he decided to establish a camp at Malmsbury to give these young people a positive life experience possibly for the first time. And so Doxa was born.

From its humble beginnings, hundreds of people have worked together to help make Father Joe’s dream of lasting change for disadvantaged young people a reality.

Doxa  Community Club, through the operation of Clocks and The Meeting Place, provides ongoing funding which allows Doxa Youth Foundation continue to finance their great work in the community.

Doxa Community Club provides positive life experiences, education opportunities and employment pathways to disadvantaged youths.

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Be with like minded people I'd never played bowls before but I'm so happy I gave it a go. I've met so many new people and had a lot of laughs along the way - Pam Graham VRI Member