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32 Station Street, Maryborough

It has a rich history, with Croquet played regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays in organised matches. Other Social events are held over the season, a regular match again Maldon Croquet Club for the honours of the perpetual trophy and other events, as an example. A lot of fun had, playing the hoops – come along and join in the fun, give it a go, and see what makes this game so great!

MARYBOROUGH VRI CROQUET CLUB - 2020 Annual Sports report

Covid-19 has, unfortunately, had a restricting influence on our activities, especially regarding competitions.  Our membership has also reduced to 21.

We were able to only play one competition against another club, this being one of the normal two challenges with the Maldon club.  We were successful on this occasion.

The Club Championships were conducted during June and July.  Division 1 was won by Graeme Jones, second Martin Mackay, and third John Byrne.  Division 2 was won by Ephraim Pukeroa, second Martin Saul, and third Shirley Button.  

The Twisted Mallet competition was held during September including some lead-up trials to acquaint members with the procedure.  The winner was Peter Silver and the runner up was a draw between Cheryl Weymouth and Alf Button.

Our Pennant team of Martin Mackay, Ephraim Pukeroa, and John Byrne came fourth in the second division of the tournament.

The annual Australia Day competition was held on Saturday 25th January.  The lady winners were Samantha Harvison and Brenda Wiseman and the men Peter Silver and Graeme Jones.  Medals provided by the Council were awarded.

All play was stopped from 28th March until 6th May due to the lockdown. Play resumed on a limited basis from 18th May.


Graeme Jones, Captain, Maryborough VRI Croquet Club




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I would encourage everybody and anybody to join the VRI. It’s a community and family that have been welcoming to me and my family. There are so many benefits and activities to participate and socialise to meet new people. BILL MITREVSKI  VRI Member