Tenpin Bowling

Oz Tenpin Bowling Centre 53 Miller Street Epping.

The players (ladies and men) come from all over Victoria to play and practice.

Generally, home base is Oz Tenpin Bowling Centre 53 Miller Street Epping and we play 6 games in a day unless otherwise stated.

All VRI Members are welcome to join in the fun – come and play, you may be good enough to gain a spot in our state side, that plays off against other interstate sides, for the Commissioners Shield and other trophies.

VRI TENPIN 2020 EVENTS CALENDAR - Please note due to COVID the event was cancelled;

22- 28 March ANZRI Tenpin Competition NSW 2020 - Further event details

5 April 20  Oz Tenpin Epping  6 games

14 June 20 Oz Tenpin Epping 6 games.  John Philp Award

23 August 20 TBA Versus Chirnside Rangers  6 games. This is the Peter Hesketh Challenge

11 October 20 Oz Tenpin Epping 6 games

6 December 20 Oz Tenpin Epping. This the Marie Burden / Peter Hesketh Doubles Championship 3 games.


After the Doubles Championship we have a luncheon and announce the Donald Smith Points Champion and the Victorian Team for the next ARI Competition.


All games bowled on the above dates qualify for team selection.


ARI TENPIN BOWLING COMPETITION 2019 - Annual Sports report 2019

On Sunday 5th May 2019, the Victorian Team hosted the 44th Annual Interstate Tenpin Bowling Competition, held at the Oz Tenpin Bowl in Epping Victoria. The official welcome was held at the Epping Hotel, Epping Victoria and was followed by the Preview Tournament at Oz Tenpin Bowl Epping marking the start of the competition.

In the Preview Tournament participants bowled three games in an attempt to qualify for the Masters Competition on the Friday. Eighteen bowlers represented Victoria and eleven of them qualified for the Masters Competition.

The Teams Event began on Monday with 16 bowlers in four teams from each state playing eight games competing against each other. The Victorian team got off to a sluggish start for the first few games but battled hard for the remainder of the day despite losing two bowlers to injury and illness. Queensland established a lead early in the competition.


Standings after eight games were as follows;

Queensland                       112.5 points

Victoria                                  94.0 points

New South Wales              81.5 points


Tuesday saw the Queensland team maintain their lead whilst the Victoria and New South Wales teams were battling to maintain and improve their positions.


Standings after sixteen games were as follows;

Queensland                       200.5 points

New South Wales             190.0 points

Victoria                                 185.5 points


Wednesday saw the Queensland team tiring and New South Wales and Victoria battling hard for first position, it was and down to the last round to decide the winner. New South Wales won the tournament with a very consistent three days of bowling and Victoria finishing second ahead of Queensland.


Standings after 24 games were as follows

New South Wales             298.0 points

Victoria                                 291.0 points

Queensland                       275.0 points


Throughout the competition, the Victorian team showed a fighting team spirit, good sportsmanship and were extremely competitive despite not having any relief bowlers from day one. A magnificent effort and no doubt the result may have been different if some of our bowlers were given a bit of rest.


On Friday the Masters began with 48 bowlers bowling six games.

The Peter Dwyer Handicap Masters Competition title was won by Brendan Fraser from New South Wales defeating Courtney Stace from Victoria

The Rudy Stoye Scratch Masters Competition was won by Shane Brown from New South Wales for the second year in a row defeating teammate Wolf Miller.

At the Official Presentation evening, bowlers of the Victorian Team were recognised for their bowling efforts during the week. The Victorian winners of the awards were: Jarrod Leis –Winner of The Norm Bowen Award for the Victorian Bowler who bowls the most pins over average during the teams’ event. Bob Leis, Rob Bate,Jeff Taylor, and Courtney Stace – The Mary Award which is awarded to the Best Victorian Team who bowled the highest game with handicap in the teams’ event. Jarrod Leis and Courtney Stace – All Stars Handicap Team

Special thanks to all of our supporters and our founding member, Peter Dwyer, (VRI & ARI Life Member), Sandra Hesketh and Diane McCaig.

2019 Peter Dwyer Masters Champion. The Masters Champion for 2019 is Dave Wells.


John McCaig

Team Manager

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