32 Station Street, Maryborough

It has a rich history, with Croquet played regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays in organised matches. Other Social events are held over the season, a regular match again Maldon Croquet Club for the honours of the perpetual trophy and other events, as an example. A lot of fun had, playing the hoops – come along and join in the fun, give it a go, and see what makes this game so great!


MARYBOROUGH VRI CROQUET CLUB - 2021 Annual Sports report

Once again Covid-19 has, unfortunately, had a restricting influence on our activities and competitions. Our membership has remained at 21 but we are optimistic that we can increase our player numbers post Covid.

In between restrictions we managed to play two friendly competitions matches against two other clubs, Bendigo and Maldon. We were successful on both occasions defeating Bendigo 108 to 100 hoops and Maldon 134 to 74. Both matches were played in great spirit and we are looking forward to return matches in the next 12 months.

The Club Championships were conducted during June.

Division 1 was won by Graeme Jones, second Peter Silver and third Brenda Wiseman.

Division 2 was won by Alex Weymouth, second Alf Button, and third Toni Weymouth.

Our yearly Hoop winners was Graeme Jones (8.68), runner up Peter Silver (7.78) and third John Byrne (7.1)

We are all looking forward to Pennant resuming and a full return to our other competitions and activities.

Peter Silver, Secretary, Maryborough VRI Croquet Club




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