The VRI Darts Club plays in the Bi-Annual ANZRI Darts Carnival, that rotates around Australia and New Zealand every 2 years.  



VRI Darts State Open Championship - March 2023

We held a first VRI darts open to facilitate the running of the 2023 inter-system and try and encourage players to join the VRI and represent Victoria in the next carnival and hopefully gain the necessary amount of a min 12 players so Victoria can host the event.
The event was held at Doutta Galla bowls club Essendon where VRI members attended and new members were signed up on the day. The event was run as a round robin where every player played against each-other with the final result been:

Dave Jones as the winner  
Second and third place was shared between Gary Power and Anne Rodgers
Fourth place by Mark Beaconsfield  
The numbers were a little disappointing but I'm sure as the word gets round, it could be an annual event.

So to all those dart players out there get in contact with the VRI and nominate for the 2024 bi-annual inter-system dart carnival hopefully in can be held in Victoria.





ARI Darts Competition - NSW 2022


VRI Team 2022



VRI Darts History

Gary Power - President

The ANZRI darts carnival started off in 1992 when Queensland (QRI) invited other states to participate in Brisbane for a darts carnival. Before then the game was only played between NSW and QLD. 

An advertisement was placed by the VRI early in 1992 to all members inviting players who would like to go, around 16 members put their interest forward and they made their way to Brisbane. Some members played darts at various leagues around Melbourne, some members had never thrown a dart in their life but they were all keen to spend two weeks in Brisbane and meet new friends.

Some to this day only participate in the bi-annual carnival, back then the members who played darts never got  around to forming a darts club as such, it has been a team from Victoria who are members to represent their state institute, eligibility was railways employees first follow by retired personal then other members on the institute as per the constitution and by-laws.



We always encourage members to come and play Darts with us, and look forward to increasing our members. For more information on the VRI Darts Club, please contact the VRI office on vri@vri.org.au Gary Power on 0407 355 824

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