South East VRI Golf Club


South East Golf Club was originally created as the Dandenong VRI Golf Club. After they disbanded there was no golf for a while.

In 2001 Steve Norrey asked a few Drivers if they were interested in starting the Golf club again, so that players from the South East and Eastern suburbs could have somewhere to play. So the South East Golf Club was formed.

With a main base of Drivers, we also have a variety of members and guests which include, tram Drivers, bus Drivers, other social clubs plus friends and family.

South East was originally based at Lang Lang and have since played at Amstell, Rossdale and recently now play at Keysborough.

South East play 8 club games a year, with a mixture of Stroke and Stableford games.  We organise the Dandenong VRI Centre Day in November at Pakenham Golf Club and have a Trip Away at Yarrawonga in February.

South East also compete in many VRI centre Days at various country centres and organise the Traralgon VRI Centre Day at Newry in August.

Our Treasurer Terry Bryan has been the Captain of the Victorian Interstate team for the past 2 years. Several other members have competed in the interstate carnivals in that time.

With a membership of approximately 20 to 25 each year and up to 16 players a month we are hope these numbers can increase in the future and welcome all new players.